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Unlike consist of industrial sectors, venture capital (VC) jobs often times have high wages and demanding schedules. Typically, VCs currently have a better work/life balance than IB pros, but work/life separation remains an issue. VCs are regularly on the move, visiting between office buildings in San francisco, Taipei, and Beijing. Therefore a VC’s earnings can be significantly less than that of an IB professional.

While it’s easy to enter into VC businesses with a pre- or post-MBA, there are fewer standardizations when considering titles. A junior role can be a great entry point into the industry, even though it does not typically offer a employment opportunity to to become GP. A junior role will provide you with very helpful experience, schooling, and continue credibility. If you are looking to break into the business, a jr . role could possibly be the right healthy.

While many VCs will seek the services of people within their early occupations, the income range is lower. Most positions will require an MBA or at least a pre-MBA. It’s also important to incorporate some prior encounter working in a tech medical, as this is often the first posture you will hold. If you’ve previously worked in an accounting firm, be sure to mention any gaps within your background. You are able to mention that you’ve carried out other operate related to the role.